Keronic acquires JSC Software products

As per 1st of July 2020 Keronic will acquire the software products of Jon Smit Consultancy (JSC). From this moment JSC will terminate its activities.

All software of JSC, including commercial and exclusive property rights, have been transferred to Keronic Software B.V. This expands the portfolio of Keronic Software B.V. with the following products:

Jon Smit will join Keronic to ensure a seamless transition, professional support and further development on the above mentioned products.

Jon Smit (JSC): “I strongly believe that with Keronic I have found a reliable, professional and innovative company. Keronic will use these qualities to provide the support for and innovate on the products.

Robin Putters (Keronic): “Expanding our portfolio with the JSC products will enable us to create even more innovative solutions for our clients.

Nick Krijgsman (Keronic): “The JSC products align beautifully with the Keronic identity. The products are a direct expression of our identity.